Experience the Best

  • Low entry fees
  • Tiered Scoring System for each Level of competition
  • Energetic, devoted and informative staff
  • High-quality judging from professional performers and choreographers in all forms of dance
  • Professional sound and lighting
  • Studio liaison
  • Provides dancers with an affordable opportunity to perform and compete
  • Fun contests with gifts and prizes for dancers, students and studios
  • Warm-up area provided – facility permitting

  • Director/Teacher

    Triple S Dance Competition understands and respects the time, effort, and hard work that goes into creating and polishing a competitive dance routine. Therefore, rebates for early entries are awarded to the director and/or teacher. Simplified and efficient online registration. In addition, a personal studio liaison is provided to ensure your competition day is relaxing, rewarding and enjoyable. Your parents will compliment you for choosing a high quality, affordable and competitively positive competition.

    Parent Benefits

    Parents are provided with an unprecedented competition that is inexpensive, high quality, and professional for everyone. Triple S Dance Competition has an informative staff who greet both parents and students with a smile and assist them throughout the competition day. Triple S Dance Competition is also known for one of the only competitions that prides itself on staying on time and following the schedule.

    Dancer Benefits

    Dancers are ecstatic and honored to be a part of Triple S Dance Competition. They are provided with a designated warm-up area and sound system. This area is to be used as a rehearsal space prior to their dance performance time. This allows the dancers to acclimate themselves to what it will be like on stage. In addition to the warm-up area, dancers are provided with professional sound, elaborate lighting, and theatrical staging while performing. Our friendly and helpful stage managers also encourage the dancers and get them fired up to perform on stage.

    Dancers feel, look, and perform like professionals on the Triple S Dance Competition Stage. They are able to participate in added games, activities and contests. Our competition is a confidence builder, memory creator, and friend maker. Triple S Dance Competition welcomes all forms and abilities of dancers.

    Check out what people are saying!

    Triple L dance company attended your Minneapolis 1 regional event last weekend. I just wanted to send you a special THANK YOU! My students, parents, instructors and myself had such a fantastic time. We are so grateful for your competition and how well you run it. Your event ran on time, was well organized, and all the staff were so friendly and helpful. We are a small student with only 11 competition routines and we felt just as valued as a studio will 100 routines. and for that I thank you! It is clear you care about the students and helping them become better dancers while giving helpful critiques and comments. The judging was tough, but, fair which isn’t always the case at all competitions. Triple S is truly a cut above the rest! We definitely plan to attend your 2018 regionals and beyond. Thank you for all you do!
    Laura Linder
    Owner, Artistic Director, and Lead Instructor
    Triple L Dance Company

    We just wanted to tell you that you do an amazing job! Thank you for all the work and time you put into every ones studio and dancers. You make a huge difference in our lives and as studio owners and teachers we appreciate that greatly!
    Dance on,
    Lyndsey and Kyle Knutson – The Edge Dance and Performing Arts

    “Triple S is by far the best competition we have ever been to. We love the energy and the way Triple S promotes that everyone applaud for dancers on stage. Regardless of studio. I wish there were more competitions out there which did that.”

    “Wow! What a great competition! Triple S – you are truly a cut above the rest! Diamond School of Dance enjoyed every moment this weekend in Madison! Great Venue, so organized, every single person who worked at the Competition was kind, happy and made us feel at home! I don’t think our dancers have ever had more fun! It’s clear to see the passion you have for your competition – you really pour your heart and soul into every detail~ The girls were thrilled to be selected to compete their Jazz routine again for the Encore Challenge – SO FUN! The judges critiques are excellent and I appreciate that you didn’t hand out a TON of Three Star awards – it made the the girls appreciate them so much more! I feel like the dancers grew because of this event! Thank you! We love MADISON as a competition city – BEAUTIFUL! Everything was perfect! Thank YOU! We will certainly be returning next year!”
    Diamond School of Dance

    “I appreciate you listening to my feedback. When I saw that you actually implemented ideas that I had brought up I was amazed. My studio will continue to support Triple S Dance Competition because I truly believe that you are constantly striving to provide the best experience possible for my dancers and families.”

    “The competition runs so smoothly and we like the encouragement to cheer and interact with others.”