All entries must be received and paid in full 45 days prior to the event. There is a $25 processing charge per routine received within 44 days prior to the event. There is $15 processing charge per routine that is altered in any way within 14 days prior to the event. All entries must be paid by cashiers check, money order or credit card. Returned checks will be assessed a $30 fee. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS.

Proper dance etiquette is expected from all. No coaching allowed. Four gymnastic tricks/passes allowed per number unless entered in open. Teachers, assistant teachers, father/daughter or professionals may perform, but these routines will only be eligible for adjudicated star placements and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd awards within their category. Contestants will be responsible for producing proof of age should any questions arise.

There will be a .5 deduction per judge per incident.

Dressing Rooms will be provided. Only same gender parents and teachers are allowed in the dressing rooms. Family dressing space is available upon request.

Tap: All styles of tap.

Jazz: All jazz style and technique.

Ballet: Classical ballet technique.

Pointe: Classical ballet technique performed in pointe shoes.

Lyrical: Routine interpreting the lyrics, mood and feeling of the music. Using ballet, jazz, and modern techniques.

Cheer/Precision: Routine that may use pom poms and/or perform precision movements including high kick.

Hip Hop: Funk, pop, break dancing technique

Musical Theatre: A routine featuring any style of dance interpreting a song from a movie or musical.

Open: Any other style that does not fit into any other category above. This includes modern, acrobatics, etc. (unlimited number of tricks)

Clogging: Clogging technique.

Music can be submitted on a flash drive or in our online system as an MP3 or an MP4 only. Please do not use any other file for it may not play properly on our system. The deadline for uploading music is 12:00 PM CST Wednesday the week of the event. After that all music must be submitted via flash drive. Flash drives should be dropped off when you check in to the event. Clearly label each routine with routine number, routine name and studio name on the exterior of the flash drive. Please do NOT use CD’s for music.

Solo/Duet/Trio – max. 3 minutes

Small/Large Groups – max. 3 minutes

Productions – max. 5 minutes

There will be a .5 deduction per judge when exceeding the time limit. Production extended time available for an additional cost.

Age should be calculated as of the date of the competition

  • Mini – ages 6.9 & under
  • Petite – ages 7 & 9.49
  • Junior – ages 9.5-11.49
  • Pre-Teen – ages 11.5-13.49
  • Teen – ages 13.5-15.49
  • Senior – ages 15.5-18.49
  • Adult – ages 18.5+

Because no competition can possibly know how many hours a child dances or for how many years they have danced, teachers are left to their own sound judgement when entering routines. Routines that are obviously under placed may be elevated by the judges discretion. All decisions are final.

Groups are separated into levels based upon the average number of hours per week, per student.
Single S (SS) = Less than 3 hours/4 or less routines
Double S (DS) = 3-6 hours /8 or less routines
Triple S (TS) = 6 hours or more/any number of routines
The level of an entry will be determined by the majority level of dancers in a group (50% or more). The system will automatically default up a level for equal numbers (i.e. five Double S level dancers and five Triple S level dancer, the group of ten will compete in the Triple S Level).

All dances will be critiqued and scored by judges who are qualified professionals in all fields of dance. All routines will receive critiques from our judges and an adjudication award. Only groups earning 1st, 2nd or 3rd place will receive a trophy. Each dancer of a solo, duet, or trio will receive a trophy for placing 1st, 2nd or 3rd.


Triple S Division

135-150 points will receive a 3 star award

120-134.9 points will receive a 2 star award

119.9 points and below will receive a 1 star award

Double S Division:

132-150 points will receive a 3 star award

117-131.9 points will receive a 2 star award

116.9 points and below will receive a 1 star award

Single S Division

129-150 points will receive a 3 star award

114-128.9 points will receive a 2 star award

113.9 points and below will receive a 1 star award

Qualifying for Nationals

To qualify for nationals you must receive the following score:
TS – 115
DS – 112
SS – 109

Bump Rule

TSDC cannot know exactly how many hours a dancer practices at a studio and if the placement of routines in our Double S or Triple S divisions is accurate.  For this reason TSDC has constructed a scoring system to ensure fairness in scoring and placement. To solve this uncertainty any routine scoring above 135 points in our DS division will be bumped to the TS division and compete against any routines in their age and category at the TS level.  Any DS routine being bumped to the next level will be informed of the change immediately.

The Triple S Dance Competition wants everyone to be informed of this adjustment prior to your competing at our nationals.


Top three high point awards will be given in each division. eg: solo, duets/trios, small groups, etc. for both Double S and Triple S levels. Solos and Duet/Trios will only be allowed to place with their highest scoring routine in the top three. There must be at least 3 routines in an age group and size group for there to be top 3 plaques awarded.

Age Group High Points:

  • Mini
  • Petite
  • Junior
  • Pre-Teen
  • Teen
  • Senior

Choreography Award – Given to the best choreography for each award ceremony.

Entertainment Award – Given to the most entertaining dance of each day. Please note that three dances will be asked at the end of each day to perform again in order to earn this award.

Triple S Grand Champion – Trophy and Plaque – This gigantic trophy is given to the highest scoring group/production of the entire competition. A small plaque is attached with the current year’s studio winner. The trophy and plaque are returned the following year to be given to each year’s Triple S Grand Champion. A comparable trophy is given to the reigning champions to keep.

Title Award – Judges decide the title winner separately,  based on their scores and overall impression of the routines.  There must be 2 or more routines entered for there to be a title winner.  If there are not 2 or more routines registered, any lone entries will receive a refund.  Only Junior, Preteen, Teen and Senior Solos and Duet/Trios are eligible in our title competition.

Special Awards Certificates -Judges’ choice awards.



Triple S reserves the right to add additional competition days/times if deemed necessary. Entries will be accepted on first come, first served basis and will be limited depending on the time available of each competition location. Triple S also reserves the right to move the competition location, if it becomes necessary due to unforeseen circumstances.